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The Sweet and Sour Relationship
@ Friday, July 27, 2012, 1:19 AM

Okay well, I'm BACK to BLOG!
I'm here to share about some of my story with the boyfriend with you all,
Okay I admit I'm quite excited and yet I don't know why.
First of all, I will share some of my photos here.
First photo of us, and also the first birthday with him :)

The second one, our very first one day trip.

Form4, the photo I love the most until now, and also a day to remember for another sweet couple.

Form 5, CNY and also Valentine's day!

Cute right?Heh

Before he go to UK.

And finally, you're back! <3

18 years old, I love the effect. P/S: non-edited.

19 years old, brother's wedding night.

Our Valentine's day at 2012.

And Happy 3rd anniversary my love. <3

Many of you will ask me whether he is my first love or not,
and my answer is YES!
And something to proud with,
I'm also his first love! *whee
I can say that,
there're many wars happen on us,
you might think that it's not a big stuff,
but it will be a big scars and huge stuff for me,
at least at my age,
I did think of give up this relationship before due to a lot of stuff,
but at the end I stop myself thinking of that,
I never regret,
because at least I saw the changes on him to me.